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As Bond tries to escape from crazed General Lee in the demilitarized zone between North and South Korea, he sets off a series of explosions as diversions. One of these explosions turns a handful of Conflict Diamonds into shrapnel, imbedding into the face of Zao, Lee's henchman. In a later attempt to change his appearance, Zao undergoes radical facial reconstruction but Bond's meddling leaves the process incomplete causing Zao's diamond studded appearance to take on an albino like quality. It seems in Zao's case, diamonds are a man's best friend.

This 12 inch Zao figure is fully articulated and features a film-accurate portrait, costume and accessories.

Included in the full-color package:
• Stetchkin pistol
• Icarus glove
• 12" figure stand with Die Another Day logo

Sculpted by Mat Falls (portfolio)

Product Type: 12 inch figure
Product Size: 12" H (304mm)*
Product Weight: 3.00 lbs (1.30 Kg)

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