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Aston Martin Vanquish 130mm
Aston Martin Vanquish 1:36 Scale "Die another day" With front rocket launchers"
8 Piece Bond Film Can Set
New Release...
Why have one Bond model when you can have a set of eight? All made from new tooling, the set features some of the most popular vehicles from the film series, including the Rolls...
BMW Z8 - The World is Not Enough
From The World Is Not Enough. Stinger missiles are concealed behind the side ai-vents of this glamorous sports model, the car that helps to save Bond's life before being sawn in half. Model features...
Aston Matin DB5 & Rolls Royce Set with Figures
Produced from all new tooling, and packed in a special presentation showcase, this two piece set features the cars of the two main protagonists from Goldfinger - as well as a pair of painted figures...
Aston Martin DB5 & Figures (Thunderball)
Featuring the car that has made more appearances than any other in various versions in different Bond films: our 1:36 scale replica offers a wealth of working features, including the rear...
Rolls Royce & Oddjob Figure
Auric Goldfinger's mobile Fort Knox is reproduced here to 1:36 scale, and features a highly detailed interior, full exterior decoration which includes white-wall tyres and hub caps, the original...
Jaguar XKR & Zao Figure
This sleek 1:36 scale replica evokes all the elegance of the classic high performance mechanical 'co-star' of the latest Bond movie.
Gadgetry details from the original include the rear mounted...
Lotus Esprit Underwater - The Spy Who Loved Me
From The Spy Who Loved Me. Nicknamed 'Wet Nellie', Bond uses this amphibious sports car to evade Jaws and his henchmen, destroying an enemy helicopter with missiles concealed in the back. Model...
Lotus Esprit Turbo - For Your Eyes Only
From For Your Eyes Only. With Bond's skis firmly in place, this sleek sports car with its 2.2litre turbo engine leaves his enemies standing. Model features -Skis

REF: CC4704 Scale: 1:36

BMW Z3 - Goldeneye
From Goldeneye. This stunning convertible features Stinger missiles concealed behind its headlights to ensure it makes an even bigger impact. Model features - Headlight Rocket Launcher


BMW 750i - Tomorrow Never Dies
REF: CC5104 Scale: 1:36 Dimensions: 140mm From Tomorrow Never Dies. With rockets that fire from the sunroof, this stylish saloon proves more than a match for the thugs sent to rid the world of...