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Halle's Bond Character Considered for Spin-Off Series

James Bond bosses are so pleased with Halle Berry's character Jinx in new Bond film Die Another Day, they're planning to give the slick crime-fighter her own spin-off movie series. The character, who serves as an onscreen equal to Pierce Brosnan's 007 has greatly impressed bosses, and they're now scurrying to give Jinx the first sanctioned spin-off in Bond's 40-year history. Oscar winner Halle says, "Right away, when I first read the script, I started to gather that she was his equal. In the first scene where she beds Bond and when he wakes up she's gone because she's busy doing other business, I was like, 'Yeah!'" And Halle says that she'd happily play Jinx over and over again - provided certain conditions were met. She explains, "If Jinx could stay just as she is and evolve even further, and if they would put the love and care that they put into James Bond, I'd absolutely do it in a heartbeat."

WENN, 13 November 2002