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Rhys Meyers The Next Bond?

Cork actor Jonathan Rhys Meyers could be the one to take the James Bond baton from Pierce Brosnan after he did a screen test with the franchise's producers in London last week.

Johnny O'Keefe, better known as Jonathan Rhys Meyers, a proud Corkonian was actually born in Dublin.

After performances in Velvet Goldmine and Bend it like Beckham the young Irishman has come to prominence for his striking good looks aswell as his acting abilities.

According to reports, Meyers met with the James Bond organisation representative Linda Broccoli in London last week for an initial screen test.

Fellow Irishman Pierce Brosnan (50), is contracted to one more Bond but the producers are said to be anxious to have his successor lined up well in advance.

Other actors thought to be in the running include Gerard Butler, Clive Owen and Nick Moran.

Here at ShowBiz Ireland we feel that Colin Farrell would be a better choice to fill Pierce's shoes after a convincing performance as a CIA agent in The Recruit...

(ShowBiz Ireland news 15/04/2003)