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Test drive of Bond's Aston Vanquish
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Die Another Day

Buy Another Day
Product placement is growing and there can be no better way to showcase your goods than in a Bond movie.
Kevin Quinn Reports

The Evolution of Bond
How has 007 managed to stay so popular at the box office?
By Kevin Quinn

Rough Diamonds Are Forever
Richard Girling meets Vic Armstrong - Bond stunt co-ordinator and second unit director on Die Another Day

'Do be careful with the Aston, 007'
Find out how the big chase scene in Die Another Day was shot..
Story by Jeremy Hart

What was Bond's Vanquish like to drive
See what the first journalists in the world to drive Bond's Aston thought..
Story by Jeremy Hart

The World Is Not Enough
The press junket for The World Is Not Enough was held at the ritzy Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills, California on November 5, 1999. Together with other journalists, Greg Bechtloff talked to the celebrities.

Michael Wilson Interview

Pierce Brosnan Interview

Robbie Coltrane Interview

Denise Richards Interview

The Day After Tomorrow ….


Third Time The Charm
TIM GREAVES gives us an alternate perspective of the 19th James Bond movie.

Read GREG BECHTLOFF’s report

Digital Special Effects
Where do the Bond villains get their hardware? The black-market, connections within the military? Or do they take a more corporate angle?

Live And Let Fly..
Tim LeBlanc reveals his involvement in the exciting parahawk chase in The World Is Not Enough, and how this death-defying sequence was achieved.

One Take Was Not Enough...
Lancelot Narayan visited the set of The World Is Not Enough where he discovered that for director Michael Apted – one take was not enough!

Never Say Never Again

"..It is a ‘Bond film’ – just not a very good one!"
Editorial - by Graham Rye

The Making of Never Say Never Again
by Matthew Field

The Director Strikes Back
Never Say Never Again director Irvin Kershner
in conversation with Matthew Field

Setting The Scene
Pictures from the 'Never Say Never Again' set

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

Ian Fleming's Chitty Chitty Bang Bang takes to the West End - Read Matthew Field's first night revie

On Her Majesty's Secret Service

This Never Happened To The Other Fellers!
The George Lazenby Interview


Danger Tank On The Loose!
Graham Rye was on the Leavesden set to watch stunt arranger Simon Crane give 007 his first lesson in tank manoeuvres! (Issue 29, 1995, GoldenEye)

Peter Lamont - Production Designer
Find out how the production came together on the set of GoldenEye

Desmond Llewelyn 'Q'
Read the final JBIFC interview from Issue 37, April 1999.
Here he discusses his life and work and thoughts previously unrevealed, to Matthew Field.

Raising Cain
Over his years as a production designer
Syd Cain has had his imagination well stretched. But, whatever the predicaments devised by007’s scriptwriters, Cain, and his budget,get him out of them.
Interview by Terry Adlam

     Click here to see the Original Crocodile Farm
(Live And Let Die)

The James Bond Novels
Full listing

A Chronological History of the James Bond Film Vehicles
BMW AG press release 1995

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