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The Living Daylights
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The Living Daylights - UK Quad Poster
The Living Daylights  - US 1 sheet Poster
James Bond - Sean Connery
The Living Daylights  - Aston Martin Volante
The Living Daylights - Aston Martin Vantage

Date of Release

World Premiere 29th June 1987, the
Odeon Leicester Square, London.

Running Time
130 minutes

James Bond
Timothy Dalton

Soviet General Georgi Koskov fakes his defection to the West in order he is able to continue his capitalist pursuits and have the British Secret Service eliminate his colleagues who are close to exposing his corruption.

Bond’s Women
Kara Milovy (Maryam d’Abo)
Linda (Kell Tyler)

Bond’s Enemies
General Georgi Koskov (Jeroen
Brad Whitaker (Joe Don Baker)
Necros (Andreas Wisniewski)
Impostor [Gibraltar assassin] (Carl Rigg)

Bond’s Allies
Saunders (Thomas Wheatley)
Felix Leiter (John Terry)
CIA Agent Liz (Catherine Rabbett)
CIA Agent Ava (Dulice Liecier)
Rosika Miklos (Julie T. Wallace)
General Leonid Pushkin (John Rhys-Davies)
Rubavitch (Virginia Hey)
Kamran Shah (Art Malik)
General Anatol Gogol (Walter Gotell)
Agent oo4 (Frederick Warder)
Agent oo2 (Glyn Baker)
Frederick Gray (Geoffrey Keen)
‘M’ (Robert Brown)
Miss Moneypenny (Caroline Bliss)
‘Q’ (Desmond Llewelyn)

Bond's Car
Aston Martin V8 Volante (convertible)
Aston Martin V8 Vantage (hardtop)

Bond’s Gadget
Philips Keyring Finder

Main Title Music
‘The Living Daylights’ performed by

End Title Music
‘If There Was A Man’ performed by The

Music Score
John Barry

Production Design
Peter Lamont

Main Titles Designer
Maurice Binder

Richard Maibaum & Michael G. Wilson

John Grover & Peter Davies

Director of Photography
Alec Mills

John Glen

Albert R. Broccoli & Michael G. Wilson

Worldwide Box Office
$191.2 million

Worldwide Box Office Gross Income 2002 inflation-adjusted
$304 million


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The Living Daylights  - Gun Barrel
The Living Daylights  - Title
Honey Ryder
Doctor No
The Living Daylights  - Keyring Finder